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OCF Odisha

Odisha Corporate Foundation-OCF North Odisha Investors Summit for Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Celebrate Ajadi ka Amrit Mahotsav India  


VENUE North Odisha University


1.Odisha Corporate Foundation (OCF) is a pioneering organization born out of  collective commitmentofeminent industry veterans, serving / retired officials

of Government and experts from diverse industries & geographies to bring

Entrepreneurs and Industry Professionals of Odisha origin to a single platform  to leverage thecollective leadership to create a culture of entrepreneurship  and re-establish Odisha as a Global Enterprise HUB. OCF is building the  world’s 1st Community Based Global Network of Odias. It is creating a 360°  connectivity platform of support for entrepreneurs across the country with  the global fraternity.

2.As part of our commitment and priority for bringing about a massive thrust  on entrepreneurs & investors fraternity worldwide at District level, we have  instituted –OCF- North Odisha Investors Summit for Aatma Nirbhar Bharat-  Celebrate Ajadi ka Amrit Mahotsav India February 2023 for recognition  and encouragement to the investors, entrepreneur’s agnostic of sectors &  stages of growth. About 300 entrepreneurs, Innovator & about 100 corporate  mentors/ experts, along with well-known Industry Experts, Corporates,  Financers and Investors will join.

3.The vision of the summit is to bring together successful entrepreneurs,  Start-ups, innovators, venture capitalists, mentors, consultants, policy-  makers and industry spearheads from all over the country. The experience &  insight of the experts, participants would add immense value for everyone.  Best practices in innovations and entrepreneurship will be shared. It will  create opportunities to meet potential Investors, Incubators/Accelerators,  aggregators and financial institutions to Raise Capital, forge strategic  partnerships, networking through Franchising, Licensing and  Distributorship/JV’s etc.

Odisha Corporate Foundation (OCF) , in association with Ministry of Industry  & Commerce, GoI, Ministry of MSME, GoI, Directorate of Industries, Govt of  Odisha, Directorate of MSME, Govt. Of Odisha, and Mayurbhanj Collectorate,  and industry associations (NOCCI, FICCI, CII, Assocham, ICAI, ICSI, ICWAI), is  organizing “North Odisha Investor Summit”-(Venue- Maharaja Sriram  Chandra Bhanjadeo University -Baripada )

The objectives of “North Odisha Investor Summit” are:

(a)To attract national & global investors to invest in North Odisha and create jobs.

(b)To attract investors to fund local start-ups and MSMEs entrepreneurs.

(c)To make North Odisha a Business Hub in Eastern India.

Why North Odisha?

North Odisha has 4 districts namely, Mayurbhanj, Balasore, Kendujhar and Bhadrak, which are rich in minerals and  manpower – skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled.

Mayurbhanj has adequate mineral deposits. Iron-ore (hematite), veneniferous and titaniferous magnetic, China clay, galena  (lead ore), Kyanite, asbestos, steatite (soap stone) and quartzite constitute the principal mineral resources of Mayurbhanj  district.

Kendujhar is one of the major mineral producing districts of Odisha. The district tops the list with 67% share (GVA) among  the Iron ore producing districts in Odisha. The district has 3188 millions of tonnes of iron ore deposits in Daitari Hills in  Khandadhar, Barbil and Joda area. It also tops the list with 78% share (GVA) among the Manganese producing districts in  Odisha. Iron ore, Manganese ore, Chromite, Quartzite, Bauxite, Gold and Pyrophyllite are the major minerals found in this  district. Hematite is the chief mineral resource of this district.

Balasore boasts of businesses in fisheries, pulp and paper, Ferro alloys, rubber and plastic industries. Minerals like soft  stones, limestone, stone chips are available in the district. The huge deposits of granite stones at Nilgiri provide tremendous  scope for development of few more industries based on these resources. Its upcoming Subarnarekha port provides the  district a strategic advantage to attract industries to set up their units.

Bhadrak district with a coastline of more than 50 kms offers an excellent scope for marine fish production. The inland fishery  resources of the district include fresh water area of 0.13 lakh ha. and brackish water area of 0.04 lakh ha. Dhamra port and  Dhamra Industrial belt offers opportunities for major industries in food processing, textile etc. to explore.

The agri-produce from North Odisha, mainly vegetables, fruits, millet, maize, ground nuts and spices – offer ample business  opportunities for food processing and export. Besides, it is going ahead with organic farming that requires businesses to  procure and sell in domestic as well as international markets.

With Similipal National Park, huge waterfalls, mountains and massive forest cover, North Odisha offers opportunities in  Adventure and Eco-tourism. Dense forest offers plenty of forest food and forest goods that have a demand in domestic as  well as overseas markets.

And, North Odisha has long coastline, rivers and dams that promote fishery and aquaculture.

Advantage North Odisha

.Land surplus (Developed by IDCO)

·Mineral Deposits

·Forest Products (Honey, Jhuna, Sal leaves, Sawai  Grass)

·Similipal National Park

·Power-surplus (24-hour electricity)

·Better road connectivity (Golden Triangle passes  through it)

·Railway connectivity (by South Eastern Railway)

·Upcoming Airport in Rasgobindpur

·Port connectivity (Dhamra, Paradip, Kolkatta)

·Skilled Manpower

Focused Business Sectors

Entrepreneurship will play a key role in North Odisha’s  socio-economic development, especially in creating jobs  and improving the income of people. North Odisha  invites investors to explore business opportunities in the  following areas:

1.Mines,  metals,  minerals,  ancillary  and  Downstream industries

2.Agri-products, spices and food processing

3.Forest goods including bamboo and Sabai Grass


5.Textile & Tussar

6.Fisheries and aquaculture

7.Healthcare  (AYUSH),  Ayurveda  medicine,  nutrition supplements plants


9.Hospitality  (Hotels,  banquets,  motels,  restaurants, food joints)

Who can participate?

(a)Any Business owner or investor who is interested to explore business opportunities in North Odisha

(b)Any budding entrepreneur / Start-ups who needs government support, incubation support, mentoring and  investment support to start his business

(c)Any Odia professional, corporate member who plans to return to Odisha and set up his/her enterprise; or to  establish a back-up office in North Odisha to support his global/national business operations.

Mode of Registration (a) For investors: (b) For budding Start-ups, entrepreneurs & corporate  professionals, bankers, investors, policy experts, corporate mentors etc : send your willingness mail /

Baripada Well Connected & Strategically Located

Roads: Well connected by road from Bhubaneswar, Balasore, Kolkatta, Tatanagar and Ranchi.

Airports: Bhubaneswar (250kms), Kolkatta (220kms), Ranchi (260kms) Upcoming Airport in

Rasgobindpur (37km) ,Rail: Baripada (Train timing from Bhubaneswar to Baripada: 5.10am and  5.30pm); Balasore Railway Station (59km), Tatanagar Railway Station (120km),Accommodations:  Circuit house, Govt. Guest house, University guest house