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OCF Odisha


Today in this globalised world, movement of people transcend geographic boundaries. Large number of people from Odisha, who excelled in different sectors such as government, private, civil society and academics etc., frequently move in and out of the state. However, till now we didn’t have a structural arrangement to bring these people together on a common platform where they can air their ideas & opinions and share their experiences among each other and work together for a common cause. Such a platform would help in deliberating over many common issues such as challenges and development opportunities in the fields of culture, economy, industry, research, employment and other social issues and initiating cooperative efforts.


With the rapid growth and progress of technology, especially communication technologies such as digital media, internet and others, it is now possible to connect large number of people together and develop a network of these people located at various different geographies across the world.


Odisha Corporate Foundation has proposed to establish a one of a kind platform, both physical and virtual, on which all such individuals can connect, express themselves freely and cooperate with each other for the common good & welfare.