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OCF Odisha

NSE Conclave - Alternate Funding Options for MSMEs

Odisha Corporate Foundation (OCF) is providing a platform for all people of Odisha who are well placed in the corporate world in diverse sector and capacity. Objective of OCF to harness the power of collective experience of senior Corporate executive through networking, to provide mentorship and help develop enterpreneual mind-set in youth. The Odiya talent which is well known with their academic prowess & hardworking capability in Corporate jobs is rightly poised to help the next generation to think differently by moving from a job seeker to job provider, and in turn paying back to Society for development of Odisha. The motto of OCF is “LEARN, EARN & REPAY FOR NEW GENERATION”

Keeping in mind as said above, the vision is to empower various economic activities for a sustainable growth of our Odisha state entrepreneurs and the mission is to promote, facilitate and handhold & to help start-ups/ new entrepreneurs’/ budding entrepreneurs in downstream / ancillary/ vendors supply / manufacturing under MSME/ Medium Scale industries etc. OCF propose to hold one education awareness program at Bhubaneswar - Alternate Funding Options for MSMEs tentatively on 22nd May 2023 (Monday) , time from 6.00PM to 7.30 PM with association of National Stock Exchange of India & SEBI Mumbai

We request you please join the Conclave along with NSE & SEBI officials. It is great opportunities for you to promote Odisha based MSME entrepreneurs. We request you to kindly Sponsor the Conclave. We have plan to bring more than 200 MSME entrepreneurs, bankers, industry leaders from Odisha will join the proposed Conclave.