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OCF Odisha

About odisha corporate foundtaion

Who Are We?

We are a apolitical , non profit making, non-religious society dedicated to social service , keeping the development of Odisha in perspective. We strive to organize and undertake activities to promote the social , economic and educational advancement of Odisha and its people including natives and people of Odisha origin or associated with Odisha residing in India and abroad.



Today in this globalised world, movement of people transcend...


To set up an apolitical, non-profit making, non-religious Society...


Members Council is the congregation of all members whose...

Governing Body

The maximum strength of the Governing Body shall not be more than fifteen.


With the rapid growth and progress of technology, especially communication technologies such as digital media, internet and others, it is now possible to connect large number of people together and develop a network of these people located at various different geographies across the world.

Odisha Corporate Foundation has proposed to establish a one of a kind platform, both physical and virtual, on which all such individuals can connect, express themselves freely and cooperate with each other for the common good & welfare.

Advisory Body

It consists of five (or more as decided by GB) eminent personalities and two from Governing Body i.e. President and Secretary. The members of the Advisory Board are selected in the Governing Body Meeting from time to time. It will render advice to the Governing Body and the Members Council whenever necessary. The duration of the Advisory Board is one year. It may be modified within one year if Governing Body will require so.


our vision

To empower various business activities for a sustainable economic growth of our Odisha state.

our mission

To promote, facilitate and handhold various first generation entrepreneurs and start-ups in agri and allied, IT, manufacturing and services industries till they are self-sufficient, independent and sustainable.


Learn, Earn & Repay for Odisha’s Development Through Entrepreneurship!

Our patrons

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