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OCF Odisha



Members Council is the congregation of all members whose membership is duly registered;

I) To have quorum of a meeting, the minimum attendance would be one-fifth of the total members.

II) The members of Members Council shall sit altogether at least once in a year as per date and venue decided by Governing Body.

III) Extra-ordinary session can be held after giving due notice to all members.

IV) In the Annual Members Council meeting, Resolution would be made for passing Annual Budget, Annual Report including audited financial statements and any modification or changes in the objective of the Society. Election will be held for 11 (Eleven) members of the Governing Body for a period of three years in the Annual Members Council meeting in which year it falls due.

V) Notice must be served at least before 21 days of the commencement of the session. Emergency meeting can be called at any time within 24 hours notice through email or post.